AEC’s systems integration services manage and streamline workflow operations to ensure that production is completed at optimal efficiency with uncompromising quality. With an engineering team proficient in facility optimization, logistics planning, hardware configuration and software design, AEC has the expertise to design, build and install a strategic, fully-integrated system that accelerates production time, reduces risk and lowers costs.

On each integration project, AEC’s engineers collaborate with customers at a level unrivaled in our industry. By building meaningful working relationships with customers from the earliest design phase, our engineers are able to understand the specific requirements of each plant. This insight allows them to plan and engineer exacting conveyance systems that feed materials in perfect sync with production equipment.

Automation Engineering’s integration solutions streamline a variety of discrete systems into one efficient, coordinated whole.

Our plans also implement manufacturing control software and hardware which serve as checkpoints to ensure that each step of facility operations synchronize and function precisely along the way. Strategically designed and engineered, our world-class integration solutions deliver an enhanced level of controlled speed and efficiency to facilities of all industries.

AEC’s integration services include:

  • System design, assembly and testing
  • Technology and equipment platform integration
  • Software and hardware engineering
  • Systems and enterprise architecture